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The COSHH online training course enables users to understand the dangers of working with hazardous substances / chemicals and how to use them safely.


VAT Included
    • hat are hazardous substances?

    • Legal requirements

    • Employer's and Employee's Duties

    • Health effects

    • Labelling of substances

    • COSHH risk assessments

    • Hierarchy of control

    • Safety data sheets

  • The course is completed on an online platform, and can be taken at the user’s own pace. The course should take an estimated time of 20-30 minutes if taken all at one time.

    The course is formatted into the following areas:

    • Welcome – Introduction to the course

    • Lesson One – Introduction to hazardous substances

    • Lesson Two – The health effects

    • Lesson Three – Risks and controls

    • Assessment – multiple choice assessment (you are required to get 70% or above to pass the course)

    • What’s next? – access to a downloadable certificate and additional resources

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