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Health and Safety Risk Assessments 

A risk assessment looks at key work activities and identifies measures to reduce risk. It is the identification and evaluation of what in your work activities could cause harm or damage and identifies what needs to be implemented to control them.


Our Risk Assessment Service

Safetyboss have facilitated risk assessment programmes across many industry sectors and can help you with yours.

We will meet with you to discuss the activities you undertake and speak to your managers and staff to identify what hazards are in the workplace and what is already being done to control them. We will determine if the residual risk is acceptable and if not, recommend further control measures and help you implement them.

We will provide you with written assessments that you can communicate to your staff.

The Key Benefits: 

  • Meeting legal requirements

  • Ensuring all hazards are controlled

  • Reducing accidents/incidents

  • Raising health and safety awareness

  • Efficiency savings

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