Portable Power Tools (S9HS)

Through practical activities, this course covers capability in using portable power tools.

  • Overview

    This includes all portable power tools identified within BS4163: 2014 that should only be used under the supervision of specifically trained staff, i.e. portable grinders, rotating and reciprocating portable saws, biscuit jointers / tenon jointers, portable planing machines and routers.

  • This course covers...

    Through practical activities, this course covers capability in using portable power tools, and the knowledge and understanding of:

    • The types of power tools that can be safely used in school workshops, with reference to start/stop controls, safety devices, guards and dust collection/extraction, including battery powered, 110 and 240 volts and air powered tools.

    • The general and specific hazards of using portable power tools, with reference to BS4163:2014, paras. 12.1 to 12.12.

    • Appropriate training and assessment arrangements for learners, including an assessment of learners’ physically capability to use each piece of equipment.

    • The use of correct personal protective equipment, including respiratory protective equipment if required.

    • The different types of drills, bits, cutters, blades, abrasive wheels and sanding discs etc. commonly used and their purpose.

    • The procedures for isolating power tools and for fitting/changing cutting tools.

    • The safe holding of work pieces.

    • Safe working procedures for each piece of equipment, including the use of the router, turned over and fitted to a router table.

    • The appropriate working environment, ensuring sufficient space for both the user and non-users of the equipment, and avoiding tripping hazards.

    • The requirements for routine maintenance and safety checks.

  • More Information

    This course is available by client arrangement only, and is undertaken at your school or educational establishment.

    The length of this course will depend on how many pieces of equipment you would like to be covered, however it would not be any longer than one day.

    The maximum class size is for six delegates.

    For a tailored quote for this course please do not hesitate to contact us on 01394 389683 or info@safetyboss.co.uk.