Lone Working Online

Understand the problems you could face when lone working, and practical steps you can take to keep safe.

    • Overview

      The Lone Working online course enables you to understand the problems you could face when lone working, and practical steps you can take to keep safe.

      The course covers the following topics:

        • What is Lone Working?

        • Assessing the Risks

        • Staying Safe

    • Benefits

      • To understand what is considered as lone working

      • To recognise potential risky situations

      • To understand how to risk assess your surroundings

      • To identify methods to resolve confrontational situations

    • Structure

      The course is completed on an online platform, and can be taken at the user’s own pace. The course should take an estimated time of 20-30 minutes if taken all at one time.

      The course is formatted into the following areas:

      • Welcome – Introduction to the course

      • Lesson One – What is Lone Working?

      • Lesson Two – Assessing the risks

      • Lesson Three – Staying safe

      • Assessment – multiple choice assessment (you are required to get 70% or above to pass the course)

      • What’s next? – access to a downloadable certificate and additional resources

    • More Information

      You can access a free introduction to health and safety demo course so you can see how the platform works and if it is suited to your needs. Contact Jodie at online@safetyboss.co.uk to gain access to this course.

      PLEASE NOTE: Accounts for the courses must be set-up by a member of staff; these details will be created and sent to you as soon as possible. Our operating hours are from Mon – Fri 8:30am to 5:00pm so accounts can be created during this timeframe.

      The pricing structure for multiple users is as follows

          • 1-10 users - £20

          • 11-20 users - £18

          • 21-30 users - £16

          • 31-40 users - £14

          • 41-50 users - £12

          • 50+ users - £10

      If you have any questions regarding any of the online courses please contact online@safetyboss.co.uk.