IATP Asbestos Awareness

A half day IATP Asbestos Awareness course that covers a range of issues including hazards and risks from exposure to asbestos along with much more.

    • Overview

      Our half day IATP Asbestos Awareness course covers all of the essential information regarding asbestos including the different types, the health risks and asbestos management.

      This course is ideal for people who may encounter asbestos as part of their work activities (construction workers and tradespeople including plumbers, electricians and decorators).

      • Benefits

        • Approved and accredited by the Independent Asbestos Training Providers (IATP).

        • Ensures legal compliance with The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, which states those working in an environment where asbestos could be disturbed are fully trained in the dangers and safety practices.

        • Face-to-face contact with an asbestos professional who can answer any questions you have directly.

      • Structure

        This is a half day course covering:

          • A brief history of the uses of asbestos.

          • The types of asbestos.

          • The health effects associated with exposure.

          • Where asbestos can be found (asbestos products).

          • Procedures to deal with asbestos-related emergencies.

          • How to avoid the risks from asbestos-containing materials.

          • Employer and Employee responsibilities.

      • Information


        The IATP Asbestos Awareness course takes place either at:

        • Our purpose-built training facility in Woodbridge, Suffolk, or

        • your own premises.

        • More Information

          Contact us for more information about this course.