An Inspector Calls

This new course is designed to assist with the management of contractors and third parties which can be a significant issue for many workplaces.

  • Overview

    This is a practical course for anyone who may have to meet with the HSE following an incident or complaint. The course will effectively prepare candidates for being interviewed by an Inspector and for them to understand the importance of being adequately prepared.

  • About the Course

    It is important to ensure that relevant personnel are aware of the correct procedures, documentation and verbal responses to follow when 'An Inspector Calls' in response to a reportable accident or incident - this can save you from prosecution and unnecessary 'Fees for Intervention' costs.

    The effect of an accident can be far-reaching with a variety of legal, moral and economic costs involved and often occurs when effective senior management support may be unavailable, placing other personnel in the spotlight.

    This simulation, based on your organisation's own chosen scenario, helps mitigate the risk of legal action being initiated, and active staff participation will also ensure enhanced awareness of potential hazardous situations.

    Verbal feedback is given on the day and a subsequent written report is produced which can be used to prioritise remedial actions. 

    A return visit to the site is scheduled after three months to review ongoing corrective actions and give further advice if necessary.

  • Benefits

    The benefits of this practical course include:

    • Minimising the risk of legal by highlighting correct work procedures 

    • Practical training on-site with a 3-month follow up visit

    • Verbal feedback given on the day highlighting key areas

    • Reports can be used to generate a prioritised action plan for future corrective action 

    • Practical scenarios which are relevant to to employees actvities
  • Information

    This is a one day course on-site and bespoke to your working environment.