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The Lone Working online course enables you to understand the problems you could face when lone working, and practical steps you can take to keep safe.

Lone Working Online

VAT Included

    • What is Lone Working?

    • Violence and aggression

    • Assessing the risk

    • Keeping safe

  • The course is completed on an online platform, and can be taken at the user’s own pace. The course should take an estimated time of 20-30 minutes if taken all at one time.

    The course is formatted into the following areas:

    • Welcome – Introduction to the course

    • Lesson One – What is Lone Working?

    • Lesson Two – Assessing the risks

    • Lesson Three – Staying safe

    • Assessment – multiple choice assessment (you are required to get 70% or above to pass the course)

    • What’s next? – access to a downloadable certificate and additional resources

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