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Is Managing Safety, challenging? Call the experts, Safetyboss.

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Are you responsible for health and safety compliance? How do you ensure you remain compliant? Understanding your legal requirements is a challenge that few managers and supervisors enjoy.

A manager’s or supervisor’s tasks may include health and safety management, although this will likely not be their main focus and will often not be within their expertise. Even if you or your Organisation are knowledgeable on all things health and safety (both compliance and requirements); coordinating health and safety matters can still be difficult, as time restrictions, resource management and funding may limit what a management team can achieve.

For the most of us, these limitations create an ever more daunting prospect, mired by complex regulations and guidance.

Well, there's good news: even in the absence of an internal health and safety department or QSHE Team, advice and guidance is available to your organisation, when you need it most.

What are the steps involved in a Competent Person Service?

  • Contact Safetyboss to discuss your existing arrangements

  • Determine the level of support that your Organisation requires

  • Sign up to the annual service, and access competent advice and guidance

  • Complete the ‘Initial Compliance Gap Analysis’ form

  • Upload any supporting documents, for review

  • Receive a full review of the information provided through the CGA

  • Attend a Consultant lead review of the findings, and discuss any remedial work required for the health and safety management systems:

    • Premise

    • Security

    • Safety

    • Equipment

    • Fire

    • Water

    • Energy

    • Working Practices

    • Working Conditions

    • Personnel Safety

    • Mental Health

  • Access readily available template, guidance documents and support provisions

  • Access bespoke, accredited and virtual learning suites

  • Receive support and assistance in your hour of need

In April of 2020, our team at Safetyboss were approached by a medium sized organisation working in Banking across England; the pandemic had gripped the world, uncertainty was high and managers had to a make decision on safety, with very little information.

The Organisation was a Partner of Safetyboss’, through their subscription to our Competent Person Service. We view subscribers to this service as Partners, owing to our shared goal of building a healthier workplace.

As a Competent Person Service provider, our brief was to firstly to help the Organisation to identify what the HSE and the Governments position on pandemic related controls had been, and, to determine the best way to ensure their workers were safe, whilst conducting their roles.

One of our team’s most experienced Consultants was able to invest time in researching and reviewing government and industry guidance and helped management to devise a risk reduction strategy which included hygiene related controls to reduce infection, respiratory controls to reduce transmission and management controls to limit occupation.

The client and its management developed a close working relationship with our Consultants, and could confidently and assuredly discuss international transport for senior executives, establish an understand of legal provisions and ascertain their legal duties to protect their workforce and customers.

How do you know if CPS is right for your Organisation?

Consider whether you have the ability to create reliable internal support systems for health and safety management; if you feel that qualified staff are already in place and that they have the resources to properly engage in a Regulation 7 role, then you may be able to appoint a Competent Advisor, internally. However, this may be difficult to achieve, and costly for your business; In such instances, our Competent Person Service may be just right for you.

Next steps…

Thinking of investing in a Competent Person Service? Why not contact Safetyboss today, and start discussing how we can help your business thrive.

01394 389683

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