Risk profiles

Risk profiles identify key areas of risk that employees are exposed to within a building such as plant rooms, tanks and confined spaces.

The compilation of a site risk profile involves a comprehensive visual inspection and management review to identify site hazards. Reports will detail the area of risk, complete with photographs, a description of the hazard and suitable precautions.

Hazards will be profiled to determine the level of risk from each area and prioritise key areas and associated recommended action points.

“Saving costs and improving morale through up to date legal advice”

Site Risk Profiling

A site risk profile consists of a thorough inspection of the premises by a fully qualified safety practitioner with experience of health and safety issues in the type of premises under mobilisation.

The profile identifies the main hazards and higher risk areas that are present within the buildings. All areas of the buildings are visited and inspected including plant rooms, roof areas, warehouse, production and loading areas.

The findings are presented using photograph and details of the hazards and the risk involved - this may identify issues that had not been identified prior to mobilisation.

Why Site Risk Profiling?

The benefits of a Site Risk Profile include:

  • A critical examination of the building and work activities

  • Reduction in accidents, incidents and costs

  • Up to date legal advice