Online Training for SchoolsOnline Training for Schools

An interactive, easily accessible alternative to classroom health and safety training

Our range of online training courses offer a cost-effective alternative to health and safety training for teachers, caretakers, bursars and administrative staff. Each course is formatted with easy to follow modules and ends with a multiple choice assessment which, on successful completion, allows you to download a printable certificate.

“Cost-effective training to cover key areas within an educational environment.”

Course layout

Each course consists of seven sections which includes:

  • Welcome - an overview of the course including aims and objectives
  • Lessons - sections covering the topic area in detail
  • Assessment- consisting of ten multiple choice questions
  • What's Next? - useful links and further reading

What are the benefits?

The benefits to our online training platform include:

  • A unique login which you can access at any time from your office to comfort of your own home (you only need an internet connection).

  • Instantly downloadable certification on successful completion of assessment (course graded on final assessment; you need 70% or higher to pass the course).

  • Formatted into easy to follow modules including a "Welcome" section and a range of useful resources and further reading.

  • The potential for a quick delivery and turn-around time of training when compared to traditional classroom based learning.

  • Costs to an organisation are drastically reduced due to the speed and ease in which online training is delivered.

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