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Manufacturing Health and Safety

In our opinion, manufacturing is the lifeblood of any country’s economy.

We are problem-solvers and offer solutions in manufacturing health and safety by:

  • Reducing the likelihood of receiving improvement or prohibition notices
  • Supporting your existing health and safety team
  • Improving your health and safety culture
  • Imparting our knowledge through specialist training
  • Providing safe systems of work, risk assessments and other documentation.

“Guiding manufacturers to achieve legislative compliance”

Manufacturing Health and Safety

Manufacturing is a diverse sector in which anything can be made from tanks to tinsel, to tutus. You are passionate about your business, producing quality products on time for your customers.

You employ 8.5% of the UK workforce, but are responsible for 16% of reportable employee injuries. Manufacturing health and safety mistakes can slow down or stop production, which can cost manufacturers both time and money.

Your core business is manufacturing; our core business is health and safety.

We’ll do our job, so you can do yours. Simple.

Manufacturing health and safety can work hand in hand with productivity to drive your business forward.

How we can help you

Competent Person Service

Access a wealth of knowledge and experience to ensure your systems of work meet and exceed legal requirements with our flexible competent person package.

Our services are structured into three tiers (bronze, silver and gold), allowing you to choose the best solution for you and giving you the best value for money. 

Find out more information here.

Ad-Hoc Services

  • Analyse your complete system from receipt of raw goods right through to delivery to the customer.

  • Rewrite your health and safety documentation, producing a health and safety policy and operational procedures manual.

  • Be there for when you need us – offering phone advice and additional assistance for your own health and safety team.