Machinery Safety Inspections

Machinery Safety Inspections

We undertake machinery safety inspections including design and technology equipment in schools, office equipment and large industrial processes.

It is a requirement to ensure that all machinery in your workplace is safe and suitable for the activities carried out. We provide comprehensive information on the standards identified and improvements required.

“Ensuring your machinery is secure and sufficient for workplace activities”

Tailored to your needs

The examination is tailored to your needs but can include:

  • A full inspection service with emphasis placed on physical and procedural controls including guarding requirements, suitability of set-up, user analysis and competency factors as well as many other legislative requirements

  • To identify all non-compliances in relation to legislation, specifically the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations and the Management Regulations

  • To identify suitable improvements with a strong emphasis on practicability and best practice

What we can offer

We can offer the following services:

  • An on-site visit

  • Machinery equipment inspection

  • Equipment testing for operation of guards and safety devices e.g. braking

  • A full inspection report with clear photographs and action log

  • Remedial work logging and arrangements for repair