Health and Safety Signage Surveys

Our health and safety signage surveys include a clear indicator of what signage is required, and the best approach to the placement in your premises.

Do you know your warning from mandatory?
Or how about your prohibition from safe condition?

Safety signs and signals are a vital component of workplace safety collectively directing persons to be aware of their surroundings and to undertake the right action every time. Safety signs are both a legal requirement and good practice enabling the organisation to minimise the risk of accidents and injury in a cost effective and permanent manner.

“Giving you peace of mind that your safety signage is fully compliant and situated correctly...”

How Safetyboss can help

Safetyboss can assist your organisation with ensuring full compliance under the Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996 which stipulate both the provision and placing of safety signage in relevant areas.

This service includes the carrying out of a comprehensive safety signage survey with a clear indicator of not just what is required but how to best approach the placement using a logical and thought through process. The survey normally covers all building areas, but equally you could choose a set signage area such as fire compliance and building plant or a specific building location such as your plant rooms.

Safetyboss can even assist with the procurement of your signage and advise on installation as no two buildings are the same – indeed different occupancy, environmental and building usage can determine the durability and placement of signage so let us handle the warnings and give you peace of mind.

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