Health and Safety Services

Health and Safety Services

Our health and safety services include administrative support, confined space surveys and display screen equipment assessments.

Administrative support

We undertake a number of administrative activities on behalf of clients, including, but not limited to:

  • Maintenance of training records and scheduling of training plans

  • Accident and near miss recording and reporting

  • Completion and maintenance of risk assessments and safety data sheets

  • Planning and organisation of statutory checks to equipment such as lifting equipment, local exhaust extraction, fire extinguishers and more

Director and senior manager support

  • Review of the culture of the organisation

  • Investigations into accidents and incidents

  • Assistance at meetings with the Enforcing Authorities

  • Advice on legal requirements

  • Tailored training on health and safety and risk management

Expert Advice and Witness

Assisting clients in meetings with Coroners Officers, Police and/or the Health and Safety Executive following significant incidents.

Quality Compliance

A quality re-assurance service to support ISO accreditations and other similar schemes. Includes review of systems and procedures ensure that standards are being maintained.

Regulatory Advice and Support

Provision of expert and timely advice on changes to legislation and approved codes of practice that may have a bearing on the operation of your company. Provide expert opinion on the effects of a piece of legislation on an organisation.

Health and safety recruitment

Advice and support on recruitment of health and safety personnel, including the qualifications and experience to look for. We can also be involved in interview and selection process.

Transport risk assessments

How do you manage vehicles and pedestrians on your premises? What controls do you have in place?

Vehicle movement and traffic management is crucial to improving pedestrian safety and reducing collisions. Often it can be difficult to know how to implement and enforce traffic control measures; this is where we come in.

At Safetyboss, our consultants can develop a risk based assessment of transport management on your premises. The assessment we produce will include a risk rating and a detailed, practical action plan.

Confined spaces survey

It is important to manage all aspects of health and safety, and controlling access to confined spaces and managing the risk that they present can often be over looked. One of the difficulties lies in identifying confined spaces and their classification.

We provide a clearly presented register of confined spaces found on your premises, and recommend relevant and suitable practical control measure which may be necessary to permit to allow safe work in these locations.

Display Screen Equipment Assessments

For those staff who regularly use display screen equipment for the majority of their work, finding a balance between comfort and functionality is essential to reduce the risk of damage or discomfort as a result of the equipments use.

Common problems with the use of display screen equipment include neck and back pain from poor posture or prolonged sitting and standing, muscle and joint strain from poorly designed workstations, eye strain and headaches which can be increased as a result of display screen use, and work related upper and lower limb conditions as a result of mouse, keyboard, telephone and document use.

We can provide suitable and sufficient display screen equipment risk assessments and produce recommendations that aim to reduce user fatigue, physiological discomfort and reduce stress as a result of workstation use.

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