Health and Safety Policies

We tailor health and safety policies specifically for your business, providing an account of the practice and procedures your organisation operates.

The policy shows your commitment to having a safe and healthy working environment.

“Far from being "restrictive", an effective health and safety policy makes the workplace a safer and more productive environment”

Policy Services

At Safetyboss we believe that your policy should be clear and easy to understand to maximise staff engagement.

Every policy that we develop will include a statement of intent that represents your commitment to your duties as an employer, a defined management structure and responsibilities to enable ownership of health and safety throughout the organisation, and a selection of arrangements, detailing how you and your organisation will control risk.

Our consultant will meet with you to discuss the details and gather all necessary information to ensure your policy reflects what you do and who you are.

Why have a policy?

The benefits of having a health and safety policy include:

  • Meeting your legal duties

  • Defined, measurable standards

  • A visible commitment to your employees

  • Encouraging good health and safety