Free Health and Safety DownloadsFree Downloads

Our free downloads enable you to undertake some of your health and safety needs within your own organisation.

Our range of health and safety downloads allow you to undertake some of your legal duties yourself, including accident reporting, risk assessments and ladder inspections.

If your organisation is more complex or you feel the free health and safety downloads aren't suitable then do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

Free Accident Report Form

Accident Report Form

Our accident report form enables you to document accidents in your workplace, allowing you to conform with the RIDDOR regulations.

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Free COSHH Risk Assessment Template

COSHH Risk Assessment Template

Our COSHH risk assessment template allows you to assess and document precautions and control measures for hazardous substances.

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Free Ladder Inspection Form

Ladder Inspection Form

Our ladder inspection form enables you to assess your ladder prior to use to ensure it is safe for your tasks.

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Free Risk Assessment Template

Risk Assessment Template

Our risk assessment template allows you to undertake simple risk assessment of your workplace or any tasks which need to be assessed.

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Free Health and Safety Induction Form

Health and Safety Induction Form

Our health and safety induction form for all new persons to the organisation including employees, agency staff, volunteers and regular visitors.

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Free DSE Workstation Self-Assessment Form

DSE Workstation Self-Assessment Form

Our DSE Workstation Self-Assessment form allows you to undertake a risk assessment of your workstation, ensuring they are adequately equipped and adjustable to suit the user's needs.

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Free Statement of Intent Template

Statement of Intent Template

Our statement of intent template allows you to formally document your health and safety statement and objectives within your organisation.

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Free Fire Emergency Plan Template

Fire Emergency Plan Template

Our fire emergency plan template covers specific fire emergency arrangements including responsibilities and action in the event of a fire.

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