Environmental Monitoring

Our environmental monitoring services include noise surveys, light monitoring and water sampling.

Environmental monitoring helps to reduce ill health among employees, and looks at specific hazards in the workplace which may cause ill-health to employees. Exposure levels will be monitored and if excessive, further controls will be required to ensure a safe and healthy working environment.

“Confidence that employee's health is not being put at risk”

Environmental Monitoring Services

Environmental assessments are carried out to the most recent industry standards, utilising high quality, calibrated equipment.

Each assessment will include a written report with recommendations to control risks and reduce exposure to your employees.

Noise Monitoring Surveys

A noise survey will be required in noisy work areas such as plant rooms and machine shops. Consideration is also required where there is a risk of noise pollution occurring to other businesses or residential properties. Noise levels will be monitored using Class 1 octave band integrated noise equipment and suitable controls such as hearing protection will be recommended if required.

Light Monitoring Surveys

A full lighting survey can lead to significantly improved wellbeing and productivity amongst employees through reduced incidence of headaches, migraines, tiredness and other issues caused by glare, reflection and unsuitable lighting levels.

Water Sampling

Water safety is of paramount importance when providing a safe place of work, a suitable and sufficient water management system must be implemented.

Performing water analysis involves the collection of water samples followed by 3 and 7 day incubation periods for the test of both Legionella Pneumophila and Coliforms etc.

Water Sampling can identify whether a water management system has been adequate or whether changes may be necessary.