June 07, 2018

Fire Safety in Schools



Did you know that the main cause of fires in schools is arson?

Hi there. My name’s Paul Randell and I am a Director at Safetyboss. We are specialists in School Safety with over 30 years’ experience in the educational sector.

Your main focus of fire safety within your school is to prevent a fire occurring in the first place. The risk of a fire starting is greatly reduced if the fire hazards are identified, and suitable control measures are put in place.

So what control measures should schools have in place?

Some of the control measures schools must have in place include:

  1. Eliminate or reduce flammable and combustible materials.

You should (where possible) remove any fire hazards. Some of the common fire hazards in schools include:

  • Faulty electrical equipment.
  • Use of matches, candles and Bunsen burners.
  • Overloading of sockets.
  • Teachers leaving projectors and laptops on during schools breaks or overnight.
  • Placing paper and plastic displays on walls near to electric sockets, adaptors and plugs.

Are any of those risks you look out for? Perhaps you might have others we haven’t mentioned.

  1. Ensure a fire risk assessment is carried out.

A fire risk assessment is at the heart of your fire safety management. A fire risk assessment includes a thorough review of your fire management arrangements with an inspection to identify hazards. This is then written up as a formal report with a practical action plan with prioritised recommendations.

  1. Ensure good house-keeping at all times

You need to make sure fire exits, corridors, passageways and walkways are kept clear and unobstructed, maintaining safe escape routes in the event of a fire.

Do you know when your fire routes were last checked?

  1. Have the correct fire safety installations

This includes fire extinguishers, fire doors, fire action notices, emergency lighting and escape signage.

Do your fire doors completely fit? Or are there gaps?

  1. Ensure all statutory checks are undertaken

This includes termly fire drills and planned servicing of fire alarm system and equipment.

When was the last time you had an emergency fire drill at your premises?

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Thanks for watching.