Five health and safety errors schools make - and how to avoid them

Health and Safety Errors Schools


Our extensive experience in education has enabled us to provide engaging online training solutions which help combat the five errors highlighted below.

Mistake 1: Training is done purely for legal reasons.

Of course there is a legal requirement (and don’t forget that OFSTED also examine health and safety issues), but training should empower staff, make them more aware of health and safety, and demonstrate their value to the organisation.

Mistake 2: One size fits all.

Schools have a variety of staff – they will not all learn at the same pace, have the same educational background, or the same level of understanding. 

Online training allows staff to work at their own pace, revisit pages if they wish, and retake the test if they get it wrong.

Mistake 3: Focusing on safety but forgetting health.

Did you know that work-related ill-health kills far more people than simple accidents? 

Our online training courses include health risks such as asbestos, legionella and stress.

Mistake 4: No management plan.

Do you draw up a training matrix? Do you keep diligent records of initial and refresher training dates? Our online training system can assist with this matter.

Mistake 5: Cramming training into an inset day.

The five inset days are used for a variety of CPD subjects; trying to cram all health and safety training / refresher training into a half day is not realistic. Why not spread training out by choosing our flexible online training courses instead?

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