How far would you go to attend the NEBOSH Diploma exam?

One of our students showed true dedication to Health and Safety; the NEBOSH Diploma is a prestigious qualification with three assessed exams, and this particular student went above and beyond to ensure he wouldn’t miss one of these vital exams.

He was in a car crash just three days before the exam; a car went into the back of his while driving along the motorway. He has suffered severe neck and back problems which resulted in him being in hospital for over a day, as well as being signed off from work and completely writing off his car.

We had no idea about his accident, and when we hadn’t heard from him before or on the exam day we were worried whether or not he would be attending. When he arrived just before the start time, course leader Marian went to give him a hearty pat on the back and he winced; only then did we find out about his accident and we were devastated to hear his news. He was however determined to complete the exam and we were incredibly proud of his dedication.

The NEBOSH Diploma is a postgraduate diploma which is ideal for anyone planning on becoming a fully qualified health and safety practitioner. If you would like to find out more about the NEBOSH Diploma speak to one of our members of staff on 01394 389683 or email us.