Open Book Assessment Overview (NEBOSH General Certificate)



Hello again, I’m Maureen. As one of Safetyboss's tutorial team, I would like to give you some guidance on the online 'open book' NG1 assessment.

This is a new way of assessing your knowledge, and is completed online, by you at home - much more relaxing than an intimidating exam centre!

It is an open-book assessment. It is not invigilated, and you are free to use any learning resources you like, for example your course notes or the HSE website. Obviously, you will need access to a PC or laptop and a reliable internet connection.

There is a short 'opening' video before the start of the assessment where you will need to confirm your identity by passport or driving licence.

Once you have electronically opened the exam paper, you will have 24 hours to complete and submit your work - you will be unable to submit anything after this deadline.

An answer template is provided to record your answers on. You can either type or handwrite your responses to the open book examination.

The assessment will consist of a realistic workplace scenario - you will be provided with a lot of information and facts about the profiled organisation, including its operational practices and employee behaviours.

You may be given a specific role in the organisation, for example health and safety officer. It could be that an incident has occurred, and you may become involved in dealing with this incident, including possible involvement with an enforcing authority inspector or senior management.

You will then need to complete a series of tasks - please attempt all the tasks!

Each of the tasks has a word count, and you need to be within 10% of this total.

You need to apply your understanding so your responses to most of these tasks should wholly, or partly, draw on relevant information from the scenario - the task will clearly state the extent to which this is required.

The marks available are shown in brackets on the right of each task or part. This will help guide you as to the level of information required.

In general, one mark is given for each correct technical point that is clearly demonstrated, but single word answers or lists are unlikely to gain marks as this would not normally be sufficient to demonstrate your understanding or application to the scenario. 

A realistic estimate is that you should complete the assessment in no more than 3,000 words and it should take you around 3.5 – 4 hours for reading, researching, and completing the tasks in this case study.

At the end of the exam you will need to complete an online 'closing' video where you will be asked questions about your answers to confirm that the work is all yours.

NEBOSH have provided an open book examinations learner guide if you need more information. You can access this in the resources section of our website.

So, there you have it - a very practical way of demonstrating your ability, so good luck!