'Ten Commandments' for assessment success (NEBOSH Certificate)



Hello again. Marian and I are long term NEBOSH examiners, and she has asked me to present Safetyboss' '10 commandments' for NG1 'open book' assessment success.

So here we go!

  1. Remember - it tests your understanding and practical application, not just memory!
  2. Read the scenario twice, make a short summary of key points for reference.
  3. Work through the tasks in the order set.
  4. Usually each mark in a task requires a separate point.
  5. Work out timings 'pro rata' to the number of marks awarded.
  6. Tasks may refer to syllabus elements, so remember the element / sub-section headings.
  7. Apply answers using evidence from the scenario.
  8. Write enough - single words or lists generally are not enough.
  9. Attempt all tasks - do not leave any out, attempt all.
  10. Add relevant supporting online documentation - know where to quickly find the obvious ones.

But most of all, prepare well and good luck will follow!