Hazard Spotting Exercise

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You are now about to view a 30 second video of a busy office. There are a number of different hazards – can you spot them all?

Below is the video - use your mouse to scroll round the room as the video is playing.

Once you have watched the video, continue reading.



You should have now viewed the video.

Were you able to find all of the hazards? Don’t worry, there were quite a few.

Hazard 1

HAZARD 1 - The trailing cable across the floor is a potential trip hazard.

Hazard 2

HAZARD 2 - Over-filled bin with combustibles next to a heater – fire hazard.

Hazard 3

HAZARD 3 - Incorrect workstation set-up.

Hazard 4

HAZARD 4 - Poor housekeeping – trip hazards.

Hazard 5

HAZARD 5 - Used tissue and tablets – bad welfare.

Hazard 6

HAZARD 6 - Unnecessary use of extension lead and more trailing cables.

Hazard 7

HAZARD 7 - Poor manual handling and incorrect storage of boxes.

Hazard 8

HAZARD 8 - Extinguisher missing from holder.

Hazard 9

HAZARD 9 - This one was difficult to spot - using a fire extinguisher to hold open a door.

Hazard 10

HAZARD 10 - This one was also difficult to spot – all of the windows were open (colder temperature).


You may have noticed more, or perhaps even missed some.

Hazard spotting helps you to identify hazards to minimise the potential of accidents occurring. Some hazards are very obvious, but others are not.