Who are the HSE?

Who are the HSE?

You may have heard the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) mentioned in the news, but who are they, and what is their role in health and safety?

Health and safety standards set in the UK are regarded as being one of the best in the world. The HSE are responsible for shaping these standards and enforcing them.

The HSE was founded in 1975, and have helped reduce the number of workplace deaths by 82%.

The main objective of the HSE is to prevent people being killed, injured or made ill by work. They are an independent body who oversee health and safety in medium and high risk workplaces and play a major role in providing advice and guidance on legislation.

Who are the HSE?

The HSE take a strategic approach to health and safety and focus on:

  • Working with others, utilising their experience
  • Promoting prevention

If the HSE visits your business or organisation they could be carrying out:

  • Inspections – undertake interviews, observe site conditions
  • Investigations – gather information, identify causes of accidents
  • Enforcement – serve prohibition or improvement notices

Look out for our next article when we discuss what to do if a HSE inspector calls.