What is a Health and Safety Policy

Health and safety policy 

It is a legal requirement to have a written health and safety policy if you employ five or more people. If you are unsure what a health and safety policy is and why it is required, keep reading to find out.

A health and safety policy is a document which describes how health and safety is managed within your organisation. The policy shows your commitment to having a safe, healthy working environment and covers who does what, when and how.


Why do we need a health and safety policy?

As well as being required to have one by law, a good health and safety policy can deliver many benefits to an organisation.

A health and safety policy:

  • Provides direction to management and staff through a formalised, clear structure covering safety procedures, responsibilities and safe systems of work.
  • Sets clear goals and objectives, specifying how these can be achieved.
  • Helps to establish the culture of an organisation, and prove your commitment to everyone’s health, safety and well-being

health and safety policy

What should be included in a health and safety policy?

Health and safety policies should have three clear sections:

  1. Statement of Intent – demonstrates your commitment to managing health and safety effectively. Should include SMART objectives and clear targets with regards to reducing or eliminating accidents, incidents and ill-health.
  2. The Organisation – includes names, positions and duties of those within the organisation who have health and safety responsibilities. This is usually done through an organogram (organisational chart).
  3. The Arrangements – details practical arrangements you have in place to manage and control risks. This can include risk assessments, safe systems of work and accident reporting procedures.


If you need assistance producing your health and safety policy, we can tailor one for your business, providing an account of the practice and procedures your organisation operates. Click here for more information.