Welcoming a new member to the SafetyDog family!

Alma, the Spanish rescue dog

" Having decided (like many others during lockdown) to get a dog, I never realised how difficult it would be!  We decided upon a rescue dog and signed up with the main organisations but as we have two cats and were looking for a smallish dog, we had no luck.

So we cast our nets wider and joined many other rescue sites. While we were looking, our dog was being thrown out by a Spanish hunter after she was no longer useful to him. She refused to leave and camped out just outside the property. She ended up in one of the municipal dog shelters (nothing like our wonderful Battersea)  but fortunately was  moved by Spanish Stray Dogs to a foster home and advertised for rehoming. They named her Megan and I fell in love with her story, her resilience and her face. She is about 9 years old and stole my heart.

Getting her was not easy: we had to install 2M high fencing even through she’s only 45cm high, fill out questionnaires and have two Zoom interviews and virtual home visits.

But on 11 November we finally got her (along with her pet passport!) and renamed her Alma, which is Spanish for soul.

She is a dream come true and ignores the cats, doorbells, vacuum cleaner etc. She stands to have her harness put on, is friendly to other dogs, adults, children. Loves travelling in the car and settles quietly while I am conducting remote training.

I have frizzy hair and sore feet from all the walking, but she is worth it. "

 - Maureen Connolly 


We look forward to hearing more about Alma, but if you are luck enough you may find her attending one of your training courses! 


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