Supporting our NEBOSH Students

Supporting NEBOSH Students

Supporting our NEBOSH students is something we take very seriously, which we hope this story will prove.

“Sometimes a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do” thought Tim Randell, Director of ‘Safetyboss’. A letter arrived informing him that one of his NEBOSH Diploma students Jane Gartland had won the Phil Hughes award for the “Best Candidate in the NEBOSH National Diploma – Unit A”, and the prize would be presented at the NEBOSH awards ceremony at Warwick University on Monday 22nd June 2015.

Delighted with the honour for both Jane and Safetyboss, the presentation required the presence of Tim, his wife Marian (the primary tutor and examiner for Safetyboss) along with Jane and her mother. However, this presented a problem as both Tim and Marian would be on holiday on a narrow boat on the Staffordshire and Worcestershire canal at the time.

Undaunted a plan was hatched!

Luckily the canal boatyard was only about 40 miles away from Warwick University and with some clever planning, a route was devised that allowed the boat to moor up at the Napton boatyard for Tim and Marian (all dressed up in their business finery) to disembark early Monday morning, drive their car from the boatyard to the ceremony, drive back and park up at the same boatyard and then take a taxi to rendezvous with the narrow boat parker 40 miles away at a suitably convivial pub, thus re-joining their friends for a well-earned meal.

PHEW! All’s well that ends well.

So many thanks to NEBOSH, the boat company, friends and our taxi-driver for making this a memorable and happy day. We are incredibly proud of Jane and her achievement, and wish her the best of luck in the future.