Producing the new NEBOSH Certificate Online - My Perspective

My name is Marian Randell, I am a Safetyboss Director and NEBOSH lecturer.

Safetyboss is about to release a new online NEBOSH General Certificate (new syllabus, requiring one exam and a risk assessment practical report, completed in the learner's own workplace).

As the author and originator of this product, I thought that it might be interesting to provide you with an insight into the overall production process.


I have been working on this project (supported by Jodie, our brilliant in-house software genius, and Maureen our Managing Director) for the last 9 months (you could say that our own Safetyboss 'baby' seemed to me as difficult to deliver as any human baby!).

After consultation, NEBOSH released the new specification and a detailed syllabus.

The first thing I did was to scrutinize the syllabus word for word against the previous one to identify similarities and differences.

I also had to develop a new writing style, less formal and more personal for online delivery (as though I was talking to someone face to face).

Then (like writing a book) I had to design the overall structure and each separate 'chapter' heading based on the specific syllabus requirements.

Having worked closely for NEBOSH for a number of years, I knew that it was essential to mirror the syllabus word for word and understand what NEBOSH wanted learners to achieve whilst also keeping to technical accuracy and general all-round readability.

I decided that it was essential to break up the practical exercise into distinct separate parts and provide a 'test yourself' opportunity based around our own practical case study.

This allowed the learner to look at the instructions as to what was needed, then attempt to write it, and then compare theirs to ours prior to completing and submitting their final report.

We also designed and produced interactive tests that learners could complete and find out their score.

Easier said than done when you had to get computer software programs to comply, but somehow Jodie did it!

Maureen and myself had to learn 'on camera' presentation skills as well as writing the scripts for its delivery (throughout the Certificate we have added short videos where we introduce the sections and detail their contents) and this was achieved during COVID-19 lockdown - amazing what you can do with curtains and a few props!

We (in truth Jodie!) also produced animations throughout and the overall effect, we think, is fun but informative and very different to anything else on the market.


Prior to delivery, we had to submit to NEBOSH for their scrutiny (believe me they are hard taskmasters), but we got the ok and then I had the difficult task of writing the website and social media copy for general launch and marketing distribution.

So, there it is, the creative process as reflected upon by myself and the team - well would I do it again?

Err, NEBOSH is bringing out a totally re-vamped online Diploma early next year and I may be persuaded to become a hermit again and complete the gruelling process of 10% creativity and 90% sheer hard slog!

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