NEBOSH General Certificate Is Now Open Book!

NEBOSH General Certificate are now running 'open book exams'

The effects of COVID-19 are being experienced around the world. In these very testing times, NEBOSH have moved away from a 'closed book' style exam and are now running an 'open book' exam for the NG1 Management elements!

You will now be able to sit this exam in the comfort of your own home, or other safe place, instead of having to visit an exam centre.

So what does this change mean for you?

You will still undertake two assessments, one an 'open book' written exam for the NG1 management elements and a practical risk assessment (completed at your own workplace) for the NG2 technical elements.

The 'open book' format for the NG1 exam, means that you will now be able to extract relevant information and apply your knowledge to a given scenario (as you would in a day to day situation as a health and safety professional) with the additional support of your textbooks and online resources.

How will it work?

Once you have completed all the learning aspects of the course you book (via your learning provider) an 'open book' NG1 exam date.

At the start of the exam, you will go through a short 'opening' video interview to confirm your identity. Once you open the exam document you will then have 24 hours to complete it. After electronically submitting your exam you will then be required to undertake a short 'closing' video interview to ensure that it was you that completed the work.

What will the written NG1 exam entail?

When you take the exam, you will be given a scenario which will detail a realistic organisation or workplace with an outline of the existing operational situation and workplace behaviours - this sets the scene for the developing detailed situation.

You will be asked to complete a series of tasks based on the information provided in the scenario and will be expected to use and apply the knowledge you have gained whilst completing the course to the given scenario.

What will the practical NG2 exam entail?

You will be required to complete a practical report which will involve the production of a detailed risk assessment based on your own workplace. You will then be able to submit your risk assessment for marking.

Please Note: NEBOSH have not yet released the first 'open book' exam date (we anticipate that this could be sometime in August), but that does not mean that you can’t get started on learning the content now!

Free demonstration

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