NEBOSH Certificate Exam Tips Series: Top Ten

NEBOSH Certificate Tips

NEBOSH lecturer Marian Randell has provided ten NEBOSH Certificate tips to ensuring exam success.

With nearly 20 years’ experience of successfully taking students through the NEBOSH Certificate via my own company, Safetyboss, here are my 10 commandments for your exam success:

1. Read the scenario and every question on the paper at least twice (highlight key words with a marker pen).

2. Write enough (not just a couple of words if it wants detail) and reference the scenario in your answers as well as any additional material that you have referred to.

3. Write enough separate points as per the marking scheme.

4. Answer with statements and not by asking questions.

5. Attempt every question – never leave a question blank.

6. Go straight in with your answer without repeating the question to avoid wasting time.

7. Answer questions in the order set.

8. Answer question 1 first - do not leave it to the last.

9. Make sensible practical guesses for things you are not quite sure about referenced to the given scenario.

10. Learn, as your bible, key parts of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999.


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