Mental Health Improvement Strategies


General knowledge of mental health has been developing for many years, not only academically, but occupationally and medically. In the public sphere, the interest in mental health has found new vitality, possibly due to the growing awareness of positive and negative mental health factors.

The application of mental health awareness and knowledge can be of great benefit to employers and employees. For Employers and those who may develop policies regarding mental health, improving knowledge in this area can seek to identify causal and beneficial mental health factors, create plans to reduce adverse effects from employee activities, and provide support in the event of a crisis or an emergency. Concurrently, employees may use mental health knowledge to improve their quality of life, understand their own health in a more robust manner, and use this knowledge to improve their working relationships and interactions.

Here are some key components of a Mental Health Improvement Strategy:

  • Development of a mental health policy
  • Identify hazards and factors relating to the organisation, which may affect mental health
  • Determine those who may be effected by these hazards and factors
  • Assess the likelihood and severity of the mental health effects, as related to the organisation
  • Seek to control negative factors (scheduling, workloads, loneliness)
  • Encourage and promote positive factors (discussion, engagement, individual autonomy)
  • Appoint Mental Health First Aiders
  • Train individual staff in techniques to assist in crisis situations
  • Provide information to those at risk (leaflets, policy memorandums, advice and helplines)
  • Establish a ‘feedback loop’ (questionnaires, quality of life surveys, open forums)
  • Regular reviews of the strategies with re-positioning and re-focussing, where necessary

Society’s general understanding of mental health varies greatly, in part due to the level of awareness and education in the field that the average person can generally be exposed to. Providing accurate mental health information to employees helps that the national conversation surrounding mental health to operate from a solid foundation, this can be achieved at board level, with the help of specialist advice and consultation, and at employee level through the provision of mental health first aid training, as developed by organisations like, MHFA England.

It is imperative that employers wishing to invest in valid mental health training and the development of relevant organisational policies, do so through the utilisation of evidenced based, logically fluent research in the field of mental health to help the strategies they devise to reduce risks and impacts in a suitable, sufficient and meaningful way.

If you would like to learn more about our mental health first aid training you can book on to one of our up and coming courses here or from mental health improvement strategies speak to Safetyboss, we can offer training, devise strategies and provide free advice and guidance.

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