Health and safety tips for a safer workplace

Workplace Safety Tips

Our health and safety tips focus on some of the key health and safety hazards which are simple and cost-effective.

Ever tripped over a cable which you didn’t quite spot?

Or discovered you have a sore neck after sitting at your computer all day?

Health and safety hazards are all around you, and you may not even know that you are being affected by them.

When you spend so much of your time at work you want to make sure you are being thought about – as well as thinking about yourself.

Both you and your employer have legal duties to ensure the safety of yourself and others.

Workplace Safety Tips

We want to help you keep your workplace safe; therefore we have composed a list of simple, cost-effective tips focusing on some of the key health and safety hazards which you can implement today.

Slips, Trips and Falls

Slips and trips are the most reported cause of injuries to members of the public; statistically women over the age of 55 are the most likely to have a serious injury from a slip or trip.

Tips for minimising risk from slips and trips include:

   Good housekeeping – clear spills immediately and report wet or damaged flooring                 to the responsible person

   Ensure walkways are clear from obstructions such as handbags, possessions and               trailing cables

   Place carpets or non-slip materials on entrances and exits for people to wipe shoes             before entering the building

Workplace Safety Tips

Display Screen Equipment

Display screen equipment (DSE) includes laptops, mobile phones, tablets and computers.

Practical measures to control DSE risks include:

   Ensure there is enough room under desks for your legs, and it is not cluttered with                boxes or other items

   Take regular breaks away from your computer screen – it is recommended that                     every hour you take a short break away from your screen, which should be                           accompanied with regular glances away from the screen

    Use fully adjustable office chairs and items such as footrests, lumbar back                            supports and ergonomic mice to improve posture and reduce strain

Workplace Safety Tips

Manual Handling

It is estimated that 75% of all persons will suffer with back and upper limb problems at some point in their lives.

Common control measures can be put into place to minimise risk from manual handling:

   Store heavier items between knee and shoulder height

   Use mechanical aids wherever possible including wheelbarrows, trolleys, and sack               barrows

   Share the handling between several people – undertake team lifts for larger loads


Become familiar with these health and safety hazards as well as many more through our range of online courses; take a look here for more information.