Guide to the COMAH Regulations 2015

COMAH Regulations 2015

The COMAH Regulations 2015 came into effect on 1st June 2015. This guidance is aimed at anyone who has duties under the COMAH Regulations 2015.

This guidance is:

  • Aimed at anyone who has duties under the COMAH Regulations 2015 e.g. operators of establishments, local authorities etc.
  • To prevent and mitigate the effects on people and the environment of major accidents involving dangerous substances.

Changes from the COMAH 1999 Regulations

Although many duties will be familiar from the 1999 Regulations, the 2015 Regulations contain some new or changed duties including:

  • The list of substances covered by the Regulations have been updated and aligned to the Classification, Labelling and Packaging of Chemicals Regulations 2015 (CLP)
  • Some definitions have been altered and there are transition arrangements for safety reports
  • Stronger requirements for public information including a duty for lower-tier establishments to provide public information and provisions for electronic access to current public information.
  • Stronger requirements for the competent authority on inspection
  • After a major accident local authorities must now inform people likely to be affected

Download a free copy of the regulations for more information about the changes here.