Changes to the CLP Regulation

CLP Regulations

Changes to the CLP regulation came into effect on June 1st 2015. The revisions focus on a redesign of hazard labelling for hazardous substances.

The revisions  to the Classification, Labelling and Packaging of Chemicals Regulation focus on a complete redesign of hazard labelling for hazardous substances (Chemicals). The new labels have been designed to conform with other United Nations countries and as an instrument of European Regulation, these revisions have been enforced across all EU member states, including the U.K.

What does this mean for you?

The new labels are broadly similar to those which are outgoing, and as an end user your main priority concerns the use, handling and storage of hazardous substances (Chemicals) rather than the labelling.

It is important for those responsible for the management of hazardous substances, and the completion of COSHH risk assessments to understand and accurately interpret the new hazard labels and to provide suitable information, instruction and training to those relevant staff that may be affected by the revisions.

The old symbols are listed below:

Old COSHH Symbols

The new CLP symbols are listed below:

New COSHH Symbols

The use of the new symbols will take a few years to completely replace packaging labelled with the old symbols; the HSE has stated this may take as long as June 2017.