Benefits of E-Learning

There are many benefits of e-learning; the use of technology has helped to transform the way in which people can learn.

All you have to do is turn on your laptop, or open an internet browser to gain access to a wealth of knowledge. From refresher training to degrees, the majority of qualifications can be achieved through a form of e-learning.

The advantages of e-learning are becoming increasingly recognised by both organisations and to the individuals undertaking it, but for those who are unfamiliar with this method of learning we have highlighted the top five reasons for considering replacing traditional classroom based learning with e-learning.

So, what are the benefits for business and organisation to using e-learning?

1) Lower costs

    Costs to an organisation are drastically reduced due to the speed and ease in which e-learning is delivered.

    The majority of costs are reduced due to:

    • Having no travel expenses – there is no need to travel to and from a training venue; it can all be undertaken from the workplace or the individual’s home.
    • The lack of materials needed – all of the information can be accessed online, where it is all stored for future reference.
    • The lack of an instructor or teacher needed – once content has been created and implemented into the learning management system, it can be accessed an unlimited amount of times.

      It is particularly cost-effective for small companies, as there are no minimum numbers required for training; it can accommodate as little as one individual.

      2) Faster Delivery

      A key advantage to e-learning is the potential for a quick delivery and turn-around time of training when compared to traditional classroom based learning.

      E-learning reduces learning time due to:

      • The length of time needed to undertake training –courses can be tailored to have any length of completion time.
      • The lack of time spent away from the workplace travelling to training venues.
      • The ability to learn at your own pace – learning management systems remember where learners reached in the course, so they can return from where they left off.

      As well as this, you can go from undertake multiple courses in any chosen time period as you can go from one course straight to the next with quick, simple access which you control.

        3) More effective learner engagement

        By using a learning management system, you can track the progression of learners and receive reports on their activities, including grades and answers to questions. Also, students have to participate more actively through this method of learning, which usually results in a higher knowledge retention rate.

        4) Tailored to your learners

        E-learning courses are customisable, and can be tailored to suit your organisation’s or individual’s needs. You can add appropriate resources, materials or questions to ensure that learners are covering all the key areas they need for their understanding.

        In addition, learners can often skip quicker through areas they have a better understanding of, and can spend a longer amount of time reviewing areas they need to improve on.

        5) Flexibility and Consistency

        E-learning offer the ability for high levels of coverage, such as learners who may travel a lot for work, or have differing shift patterns from the majority of individuals within the organisation. It also ensures that communication and presentation of information is consistent, meaning all learners receive the same training.


        Hopefully the above points help to emphasise the advantages of using an online learning management system, and may have given you an insight into a new alternative for your training needs.

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