A Safetyboss Love Story

Safetyboss Love Story Tim Marian Randell

This Valentine's Day we thought we'd share the story of how the owners of the company met.

We call this story 'Come up and see my parcels office'.

The year is 1978, a young ambitious female Traffic Management Trainee called Marian, had just started a four week placement at Richmond Station Parcels Office at the beginning of her British Rail work experience (an 18 month programme of work activities across all operational departments prior to being appointed as one of the UK’s first Station Managers, at Camberley, on the Southern region).

Unbeknown to Marian, Tim, Twickenham station's young bachelor station manager, had been tipped off by his colleague, Stan, (station manager at Richmond) that an attractive, single young lady was currently leafing through a number of very large and boring parcels manuals and might appreciate some diversion.

‘Come up and see my parcels office’ said Tim and ‘I will show you how a parcels office really works!’ – Well how could I refuse?

This initial conversation turned into a very happy life-long marriage and we will be celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary on a luxury train (naturally!) traversing northern Spain this coming June.

In the 4 decades since this meeting, Tim has helped me in a variety of ways (coming with me on train break-downs, accompanying me on European coach trips when I was subsequently operations and marketing manager on the Harwich-Hook route and working together in our own Health and Safety Company, Safetyboss, for the past 20 years).

And guess what – through it all Tim has remained, not only my long suffering husband, but also my best friend!